Kitchen Starter Set


A sustainable set to get you started with your eco kitchen!

Your Kitchen starter set consists of the following components:

  • 3 Organic Cotton Shopping Bags, in different sizes
  • A Biobased Paring Knife
  • A Biobased Peeler
  • 2 Biobased Kitchen Sponges
  • A luxury gift box

Organic Cotton Shopping Bags On the right track! You have taken a nice step towards a greener, plastic-free world. By bringing your own bag from now on, you can ignore the disposable plastic bags at the supermarket. You will receive 3 reusable mesh bags in the following sizes: 31x32cm 20x31cm 32x42cm

Bio-based Paring Knife and Peeler The practical peelers are a sustainable alternative to the classic peeling knife. They are made of wheat fibre/wheatgrass and have a length of about 12 cm.

Biobased Kitchen Sponges Get rid of plastic! From now on you use a sustainable vegan sponge for your dishes and cleaning chores. The green-goose Bio Kitchen Sponges are extra firm on the top and soft on the bottom, so that you can do both heavy and lighter jobs with them. These sponges are made of wood fiber cellulose and coconut fiber. This makes it a plant-based and sustainable alternative to plastic sponges, which release microplastics during use.

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