Corporate Services


What We Offer

We are passionate about promoting sustainability and strive to showcase how to live in an environmentally harmonious manner through a number of small but powerful changes.  Our approach to breaking down everyday barriers to sustainable living is always empathetic and non-judgemental.

We offer a number of presentations and workshops on topics such as:

  • reducing waste at home and in the workplace
  • chemical free cleaning
  • zero-plastic living

All of the above can be adapted for hands-on practical workshops.

The sessions cater to your business’ unique demographics and industry-specific concerns.  We are always flexible in delivery method and can offer: 

  • organisation wide ‘lunch and learn’ format
  • split groups by department/shifts
  • remote and hybrid delivery

There is no prior knowledge needed we will facilitate discussion and exchange ideas as much as, if not more than, strictly delivering information. 

Employer Benefits

  • Contribute positively towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals for corporate environmental responsibility
  • Meet the growing demand for change from an increasingly engaged workforce
  • Encourage individual action in a collective space
  • Align your business brand with the concerns of eco-conscious consumers
  • Strengthen team cohesion

Employee Benefits

  • Attain knowledge and skills to share with family and friends
  • Receive guidance to start on a life-long journey to environmental action
  • Have fun while learning! 

Community Benefits

  • Enhance awareness of the global climate crisis and its local effects
  • Prompt important discussions and activism on environmental matters
  • Foster appreciation of and loyalty towards local, sustainable enterprise

Corporate Gifts

We produce beautiful, bespoke hampers and gift-packs from over 35 Irish suppliers.  We have a number of options to choose from that suit all budgets and can customise them for your business.

Get in touch to find out more about what we offer.


We aim to normalise sustainability across all sectors. We work with a range of businesses to provide bulk eco-alternatives to food and cleaning products by offering a refill scheme to enable local companies to reduce waste in a convenient manner. We will help guide you to change everyday habits through slight, consistent changes to operations.

If interested, please email Eibhlin – info@therefillmill.ie