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Chimney Draught Excluder


These chimney draught excluders are a great addition to your home. Their practical uses include:
– Reduces your energy bills
– Reduces noise
– Reduces heat loss
– Reduces air pollution
– Reduces your carbon footprint
– Simple to install and remove
– Durable design, which can be used year after year
– Made From Sheep Wool And Cotton (With A Small Amount Of Metal)
Simply Screw The handle To The Chimney Draught Excluder And Insert it into the Chimney- Push Into Position And Pull Down Slightly To Ensure A Snug Fit. The Handle Can Now be Unscrewed (If Required) Leaving The Black Tape Hanging Down. This Has The Dual Purpose Of Allowing You to Remove The Chimney Draught Excluder And Reminding You That It Is In Position. The Bag Can Now Be Used For Another Purpose Or For Storing Your Chimney Draught Excluder When Not In Use.

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