A new beginning!

The countdown has run out, the wait is over – The Refill Mill is back in business so why are you looking at your screen? Get in and get shopping! 🙂

There will be a few changes but the core mission & values remain the same. All your favourite products (and maybe a few new ones!) will be available again; now that you’ve all been ‘trained’ in the ways of re-filling it would be a shame to take it away from you 😁! So we very much look forward to welcoming you back to the shop in a few days, and doing our bit to make Mullingar that bit ‘greener’.

The online shop is temporarily out of action during this transition period but it will return soon – apologies for any inconvenience but by this stage you know it’ll be worth the wait!

Hi there!

I’m Eibhlin, an Eco enthusiast from Westmeath and the founder of The Refill Mill.

After finishing college I went travelling for a few years. While living abroad, I began to open my eyes to the amount of rubbish we produce every day and the impact it is having on our planet. I decided that something needed to change.

I began to make small changes in my everyday life and before I knew it I was hooked. I get a thrill every time I find a new way to reduce the amount of waste I create. Upon coming home to Mullingar, I became frustrated with how difficult it can be to implement these changes and so, The Refill Mill was born.

The idea behind The Refill Mill is to promote sustainable living for all. I want to make it easy for everyone to make little changes that can really help the environment. I’ve set up this website with nationwide shipping and opened a shop on Austin Friars St, Mullingar to give people a plastic free option in their weekly grocery shopping.

I want to empower you by giving you the opportunity to ditch plastic and make a positive impact on the earth with your everyday choices.

Follow my blog and social media for some tips or a chinwag. I hope to see you soon!

With Love,